Represents a new approach in the field of technology of pharmaceutical industries. The factory is built-up according to the highest international standards and the state of art in both the infrastructure and the production facilities The company introduce new and best essential drug groups with affordable prices. The drug formulations provide highest activities of the active ingredients depending on bioavailability studies. The pharmaceutical dosage forms produced by the factory are: 1. Veterinary product 2. Human Pharmaceutical Products: a - Hard Gelatin Capsules b - Tablets ( Tablets , Film Coated Tablets , Extended Release Film Coated Tablets ) c - Semisolid Dosage Form ( Cream , Gel ) d - Dietary Supplements Product specifications:The manufacturing process of all products is carried out according to the current GMP requirements. The manufacture of our products procedures are based on the most modern technology which is according to recent scientific data as well as the experience of the production staff. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production machines are clearly written and rechecked periodically and revised if necessary

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